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Do a quick Google search asking if you need a blog, and you’ll be met with result after result claiming that blogs are as essential for a business as cheese is for pizza. But getting a blog up and running can be a challenge, especially if you’re a small, busy business.

Consistent, regular posting is important. But what about if you’re already working an extended work week? Posts should also be informative and useful to readers. But what if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas? Business blogs should also be free of errors and professional. But what about when the last professional thing you wrote was a book report on To kill a mockingbird in Year 11? Fortunately, we have staff at Back9 who not only tolerate writing, but actually enjoy it. And they’d be happy to create your consistent, informative, professional blog posts for you.

More than your feelings (more than a feeling)

Some people treat their blog like an online diary, a less intimate way to write about their thoughts and feelings. It can be cathartic, sure, but a stream of consciousness about how seagulls are Sky Possums probably won’t do much good for your business if you work in the financial sector. Instead, business blogs should have useful information. And backing up statements with facts boosts your credibility.

If you combine blog creation with our website design and copywriting services, eventually you can link your blog to your service or landing pages that provide additional information. Having multiple, related pages on your website also helps your SEO by letting Google know that you’re knowledgeable about your industry. Until that point, linking to other high-authority sites lets people know that you didn’t pull these facts and figures out of your  a  best friend’s yellow sketch pad.

Blogging for the Endgame

Blogging is helpful when the content is new and relevant, but what about when you’ve seemed to have exhausted your topics? Our long-term content strategy keeps this in mind too. Instead of posting new posts regularly just to post, sometimes refreshing older, high-performing blog posts is the best choice to remind your audience about something that was important to them. Updating the post to reflect changes or new facts that have come to light is sometimes better than writing a whole new post.

If you’d rather leave your business blog to the professionals, we’re ready to help. If you have topics in mind but aren’t sure how to address them, let us know and we’ll research and write about them for your blog. Or if you’d rather leave them up to us, we can do that too! Get in touch or stop by today to talk about blogging and our other marketing services.



Content is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. But sometimes marketers get so caught up in talking about the fine details that they forget to go back and explain the basics like “What exactly is content?”

If you’re new to marketing and are just starting to learn about all the differences between digital marketing and other type so marketing like print and radio, terms like “optimise your content” and “content marketing” might sound like gibberish.

The simplest way to define content is that it’s the information on your website. And that doesn’t mean just words. It’s the words on your website, but also the images and videos too.

Our eBook, The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing: What is Content? goes over 9 different kinds of digital content in simple terms.

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