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These days, videos are everywhere. From the daily news to social media to how-to instructions, videos are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of content. You can even be watching a video and get interrupted with a video in the form of an ad… Or several ads.

Videos are popular for a reason. In several studies, most respondents claimed that videos positively influenced them to purchase a product or service. However, in order to be effective, videos have to be done well–or else they can have the opposite effect. Bad videos have been shown to be worse than no video at all. So if you have no experience with videos, how can you make sure your videos are the star instead of a bad extra? Where do you even start? Our team can help!

We do several types of video

Vlogs, video ads, and promotional videos are some of the types of videos we can create for you. Depending on the type of business and your goals, we may use one or a combination of styles to help achieve those goals.


Vlogs are like blogs but video instead of text. Here you can talk about things related to your business, updates, things you find funny, just about anything. Usually, vlogs are shorter, often around 1-2 minutes. They’re typically informal, but editing is still important.

Video Ads

Several billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Yep, it’s pretty popular! Because there’s so much opportunity for exposure, YouTube is a fantastic place for video ads–as long as they’re done right. YouTube has many ways to target a specific audience and it’s important to do market research properly so that your audience is intrigued by the ad instead of put off by it. We can help make that happen.

Promotional Videos

Have a new product coming in? Preparing for a huge sale? Don’t let it go unknown! Along with your email campaign, creating an accompanying promotional video is a brilliant way to show off your new stuff or let customers know about limited-time offers. Do it in style with the help of video!

Are you ready to be a star?

As a business owner, it’s best if you’re the one that appears on the videos because it strengthens your credibility. But don’t be nervous; we have the equipment and experience to help you look great! Using the power of technology and video magic, we can do all sorts of things through editing and post-production to create professional-quality videos, and the professional-grade software doesn’t hurt either! Let you and your business be stars today with our videography services and get in touch today.

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