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Ask just about anyone what they think about commercials, and you’ll likely hear that they not only dislike them, they outright despise them! There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of the most popular reasons is because they interrupt what they wanted to watch. So if most people hate ads, why would we bother with Google Ads?

The reason is that Google Ads works a little differently. Instead of popping up to interrupt your YouTube video multiple times, Google Ads is a form of search engine marketing that uses non-intrusive methods that are actually helpful and relevant to your search. The attitude is a lot different when the content is useful instead of a laundry soap video following you (even when you scroll!) on a site you’re visiting and covering the talking cat video you actually wanted to see.

Google Ads can shoot you to the top of search results

SEO helps you get to the top of organic (unpaid) results, but a lot of times when you do a Google Search, there will be a few results at the very top, sometimes even above the map when you’re doing a local search. These are the Google Ads results. Fortunately, Google has quality standards put in place so that companies can’t simply pay a lot of money to get the top spot.

Instead, Google uses a combination of bid amount and ad quality to choose which ads get shown. Ads are ranked on their content, relevance, ad extensions (such as a call button) and much more. This means that the ads you see will actually be relevant to what you’re searching for and might even give you a discount for somewhere you were already planning to go.

How Much does Goodle Ads cost?

The cost of Google Ads depends on a number of factors. Perhaps most importantly though is the amount of competition in the area for your industry. More competitive keywords cost more because more people want them. Supply and demand, firsthand. But what about if you don’t have as much to spend on ads as McDonalds or Dominos?

Google Ads has several ways to maximise your budget usage and can use different payment models depending on what’s important to you. If you want people to click on your ad, for instance, a pay-per-click model is great for that. You can even make it so that your budget is only charged after a successful conversion, although of course, that costs more than paying per click or per ad view. Google Ads also generates reports so that we can make slight adjustments to improve performance, making it one of the best tools around for outreach and lead generation. We’ve seen many businesses grow through the use of Google Ads, and you could be next!

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