Qualitative Research

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Qualitative. That’s the words and opinions one, not the numbers one.

Qualitative research is hard to quantify. How much value do you put on a single person’s opinion? What about a small group? A large group? Eventually, you have to take notice. If everyone says the same thing—like that The Dark Knight is the greatest movie of all time— then it’s probably true. But actually finding out what people think can be a challenge. Fortunately, we can help with that!

Look out, your bias is showing

As a business owner, it’s hard to look past what you think looks good and the things that you like. It’s hard to remember that not everyone thinks the same way. As much as we wish we didn’t, we all have some biases that we’re unaware of. That’s part of human nature, and usually not something to worry about. But your biases can also get in the way of making a well-designed website or ad campaign.

Qualitative research is one method to overcome these biases. This can be done at any stage—before, during, and even after completion. Using a focus group when you have a big campaign in mind can give you relevant feedback about what people in your target demographics actually think. The group could think the word choice isn’t powerful or compelling enough. Or they might not like that purple and green colour palette you were adamant about because it looks too much like Barney the Dinosaur, something you might have forgotten all about.

How does your qualitative research help me?

By making use of qualitative research, we can identify what’s performing well and what needs improvement. We see how people respond to your blogs, newsletters, and other material to determine what we should modify to better fit your audience. We can even do one-on-one interviews with past clients to see what they like about your business and what they think could be improved.

Once we have information about what your audience prefers, we can tailor your marketing materials to fit their preferences. This means they get the information they’re looking for, meaning you’re more likely to get increased traffic. And unlike driving, a traffic jam to your storefront is a good thing! If you’re interested in our qualitative research plans, give us a call or stop by today for more information.

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