Who is the best Marketing Company in Southland?

Who is the best Marketing Company in Southland?

When it comes to any business in any industry, not all businesses are created equal. The same can be said for Design and Marketing Companies. With that said, how do we define the best?

Business is not a finite thing, in fact, if business were a game, it would be an infinite one. There is no official way to measure who is better. Or is there? We have business awards, design awards, and a number of other ways to measure who is best in business, but these are still finite things within the infinite.

The best way to decide is by reframing the question – or adding to the end of it – Ask not “Who is the best Marketing Company?” but “Who is the Best Marketing Company for me? And my business?”

Truthfully, there is no one-size-fits-all company in any industry–which will be the best for you depends on your needs and circumstances. What’s your criteria for partnering with an agency?

One of the most important parts of teaming up with a company is working with people who believe what you believe. You can usually feel that in your gut. And from my experience, I would say trust your instinct!

Based on Google search results, below are five of the most visible design and digital marketing companies that do business in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Market South Now Naked Creative

Market South was an award-winning marketing, communications, and graphic design company. A recent rebrand to Naked Creative, they still appear to be a full-service studio. This can include Branding, Web Design, Advertising Campaigns, Strategy, Copywriting, PR, Print, and more.

Market South was passionate about creating kick-ass brands and campaigns that drive sales and help their clients make more money! The new Naked approach is stripped back. Honest. Authentic. Naked Creative believes “Quite simply, our job is to sell more things, to more people, more often and at higher prices.” 

As well as a full-suite of marketing and advertising services, they produce and own a range of products and publications focused on promoting Invercargill and the greater Southland region under their brand The Locals. Owner and Director Carla Forbes is a well-known Southland business personality and has held a number of roles on boards including the Southland Chamber of Commerce, where she was president. Forbes has also been the face of a number of local campaigns including, Stand up for SIT and The NZAS Tiwai Point Fight for Fairness campaign.

Market Elements

Market Elements offer Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, SEO and Web Design services. They have been providing marketing support and integrated marketing campaigns for small and small-medium businesses since 2010.

Market Elements say “It’s all about the relationship and the results for us. Most of our clients ask us to work with them well beyond their initial project, as they value the fact that we’re local and offer professional, independent advice and services”.

With team members collaborating from multiple locations, Market Elements do not appear to have a home base. However this can probably work to their advantage too. Lower overheads can mean more cost-effective pricing.

If you are a small or medium business then Market Elements are well worth touching base with to see if they can help you grow your business.


Firebrand is a marketing and digital transformation agency. They start, build, and grow NZ businesses with attitude. I like this statement. Firebrand do some great work. They aren’t exactly a Southland business either, but they also don’t pretend to be. The reason they come up in Google for Southland is because they have a well-optimised website!

It turns out that Firebrand is based just a couple of hours up the road. And from their awesome premises in Dunedin, their team creates fantastic user experiences. This includes business plans, marketing strategies, branding and completely tailored digital solutions.

Firebrand, like Market South, is a full-service agency offering SilverStripe website design, custom development, web APP development, Shopify eCommerce websites, marketing implementation, SEO, content creation, photography and videography. They say “With a focus on building great solutions – they take pride in what we do, we are courageous, always do the right thing and aim to make a difference”.

If you’re a business with attitude and looking to grow and need an end-to-end service, then Firebrand is definitely worth talking to.

Grow NZ Marketing

Grow NZ has recently shown up in Google for the Seach query: Best Marketing Southland. They specifically say on their Landing page “We’re your Otago – Southland based marketing partner. Let’s work together to grow your business with strategic and savvy marketing”.

They may have over 20 years of successful experience with profitable marketing and to be fair they have managed to rank in Southland for this query. However the title in the google search result clearly says Bay of Plenty.


A quick search of the website shows they claim to have multiple locations and to be fair in the realms of digital marketing you don’t need to be in the same town these days – Or country… The question you need to ask yourself is. If this business is claiming to be based in Southland (and Otago) why do they not have an address here? And that being the case, how honest are they. If you don’t have a problem with businesses making misleading claims, then they may well be worth chatting to. If honesty and integrity are important to you, then you may want t give them a miss. Your call.

Who is the Best Marketing Company for me and my business?

So which design and digital marketing company that is based in Invercargill, is the best for you and your business? Well… That really depends on what you’re looking for.

Market South Now Naked, Firebrand, Grow NZ, and  all aim to do full-service marketing to handle any level of marketing. From managing social media to building a brand new website they say they can do it. Netbranding and Market Elements appear to be more focused on the web side of things. That makes them good options if you are looking to go full digital and don’t need traditional marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking to partner with an agency for your marketing endeavours, it’s worth taking time to do the research! Check out each of these businesses and other Invercargill-based design and marketing companies. Look over their services and see if their style and tone match what you want for your own business. See how well their own efforts work. How well does their website rank? Do you like what they have done and what others are saying about them? At the end of the day, as marketing agencies, we all say we are experts. We all say that we can help your business succeed. Ultimately, the Best Marketing Company will be the one you feel most comfortable approaching. One thing is for certain, Taking time to find that right fit and work with credible, reliable businesses can save time and trouble later on. So it’s worth the effort!

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