Safety 1st NZ

Safety 1st NZ was a referral to us. We thought a custom website design would be ideal for them, but it wasn’t in their budget at the time. They decided to start by having their site built by someone experienced with integrating their stock management system, Accredo.

Our initial work with Barry and the team included Facebook Ads, promotions, and newsletters. But one obstacle kept getting in the way; their website wasn’t doing its job. Sales were low and people weren’t using it regularly. 

We knew that Safety 1st had huge potential, but it was going to take some work to get them ready to compete digitally. It was at this point that Barry and the team at Safety 1st NZ revisited our previous recommendation for a custom website as they could see that in time it would increase sales and improve all of their marketing efforts. 

So far we’ve built them a brand new eCommerce website and helped them add hundreds of products to their online store. We’ve also created targeted Google and Facebook ads with an incredible return–over 39x on one ongoing set and over 18x on another–and seen web sales increase by over 600% since building the new website.  We also help manage their customer database and send out newsletters and promo emails to their customers. 

The company’s growth has exploded over the last few years and we’re proud to play a part in the success of Safety 1st NZ. And we’ll be there as their marketing department to help them grow even more! 


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